Tributes: How It works

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I Accept Tribute in:

Circle Pay, Amazon, Taking your Credit card, Giving me your Bank account, and etc

Different Types of Devoted Slaves:

Beginning Slave:  $50 per week in tributes, it’s the beginning and you will earn your place under my foot. Details of your improvement shall be advised by myself using a formal email to me.

Moderate Slave: $250 per week in tributes, gets pictures, I name you, but for now your just a Slave. Ex. Slave01, Paypig02,  Schedules session, surprise gifts with your Slave name on it. Owning time six months

Loyalty Slave: $500 per week in tributes, this means you go further in the norm and you book sessions with me perfectly and You’re are addicted to me, and owning will take clear after your first year with me.

VIP slaves/ Or I Control Everything: $1000 per week, I own everything and I control your mind, body, and soul. you are here when I want you to be, I am first before any one, you pamper me and spoil me at the fullest this is the Queen Package. Your Body is my Altar, you are secured life time financial slave, if something happens to you I own the will in my name, you property, everything you have will be mine.

For the Broke Ass Cunts who can’t pay the weekly tribute can Call on me of Verified Call For $5 per minute.

Here is My wishlist from amazon:

Also my email to send Circle Pay amounts:


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