About Your Melanin Goddess

Let me tell you that the timing to every session that I give are important from the moment we talk to the end of the session, and possibly finished with a light dinner. After all this is a nice work out, as your mind as my witness and your body as my canvas filled with my wonderful artwork.

I create the opportunities for both myself and for every slave I meet or have sessions with. Keep in mind that I get what I want, as a dominant charismatic woman, and my amazing heritage of Puerto Rican and Creole in my blood that makes me simply unique. I’m already oozing with dominance naturally; this is my playground where I can bring forth the fantasies we both have into a reality.
Don’t mistake my inexperience for some fetishes with clumsiness, I prefer safe, sane, and consensual sessions, that I have being working with and mastering with them. I’m cautious with each new fetish, bondage and medical sessions. This style of dominating both men and women has brought a mixture of submissive, fetishist, and the curious alike to me. How far will we go depends on the both of us.
I love where my journey as leader has brought me here, I’m using both old strong foundation and the new unexplored potential with BDSM. When planning your sessions, it can be perfect for the both of us, knowledge to learn and if we depart, we can keep those experiences with us no matter what. It helps when you make a day away from your regular schedule, a genuine Mistress and slave relationship.
At this moment having my strap-on with me is not advised, for now. I’ve been working on myself and with others for mind over matter. I don’t cry if I see blood, I give disciplinary action if needed, not deep lacerations. Even with little experience of medical, I love to hone my skill for needle/piercing play using new and unused needle are fun for me to design on the most eager obedient sub if schedule for the session.

Being this tall I have my advantage, it’s easier to have my foot up your ass, literally. How would I love to see you bare and eagerly ready while I tower over you or shall I have you grovel and worship my big feet after dealing with your ass for a long session? So much potential and so much time as well. Sometimes it goes beyond being a job, a hobby, a relationship, and it’s where the planes of existence are entwining with our time together for just a moment, even it would feel like time has stopped.
Maybe I’ll have you become my maid while I visit “your city”, I keep my travels in the states or in the UK until further notice. Now if we travel together it’s possible or fly me to you or for my vacation time, but it must be up to my higher standards of expectations. If any questions have arisen from your mind, send me a formal email to mistressmimic@yahoo.com
Good luck on your path in this unique life.

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